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Weed's Wild West in Thailand

#Episode 1 recorded 17th June 2022

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Sharing ideas with regular everyday people on local issues in Thailand, as well as larger globalist agendas playing into South East Asia's role.
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On the heels of Thailand decriminalising cannabis effective 9th June 2022, I sat down with one of Thailand’s cannabis industry insiders, John Williams. We talked about the historical roots of weed here and across South East Asia. We discussed the current paradigm shift, implications, and how it is being received by the national psyche.

Show notes

TV mini-series referenced Bangkok Hilton starring Nicole Kidman jailed for drug smuggling in Thailand.

Cambodia happy (weed) pizza.

Article on Thailand decriminalising cannabis.

Thailand’s Thaksin government administration drug crackdown.

British DJ arrested over possession of cannabis in Dubai, not Thailand as I mistakenly cited.

UK roadside saliva test for cannabis usage. Wrongly cited as sweat gland test.

American Gangster film referenced for drug smuggling in South East Asia.

(2009) US Federal study cited on marijuana THC percentages.

51 year old man’s death initially linked to heart failure resulting from cannabis use in Thailand.

Cambodia’s prized Kampot Peppers.

Jamie Carrion “Godfather” cannabis researcher cited by John, with the Golden Triangle Group (GTG).

Carrying weed on domestic flights in Thailand clarified by Coconuts news outlet.

Appetite suppressing Durban Poison tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV) strain.

Article citing marijuana research in Thailand for cancer treatment linking to studies.

Article on Thailand weed festival in Nakhon Pathom.

Opinion piece on Bangkok TV station worker eating a weed cookie.

Article on Thai government restricting cannabis use to adults.

Article on cannabis worries outlined.

Article on cannabis ban in state schools.

Terence Mckenna quote on cannabis.

Oliver Stone’s Film Platoon referenced for cannabis consumption amongst American soldiers during the Vietnam war.

Noel Gallagher quote “drugs are like a cup of tea.”

Golden Triangle Group (GTG) company website.

Bloom CBD lifestyle company website.

Weed cafes in Bangkok:

Highland Cafe.

Sukhumweed Cafe.

Happy bud pop-up weed truck, Khao San road.

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