Consildation, control and making the regular folks suffer is all it has ever been. What's wrong with planting trees? How are they going to offset polution? It just looks like a grift

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Planting trees / reforestation is good, but preying on people's good nature to help nature by doing this, in handing out carbon credits as a reward for their altruism, will enable the system to come into being. I imagine many people will go for it, as they become increasingly impoverished through hyperinflation. Then people will sell off their carbon credits to corporations in exchange for CBDC tokens.

I don't think the government has any intention of solving the pollution. I think they will let it get worse / or make it worse, so they can double down on climate change laws with more control of the regular folks.

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May 8, 2023Liked by Nicholas Creed

Thailand has been infiltrated by the globalists… How does an expat navigate this?

Unlike Western countries which are very damaged, possibly beyond repair, Thailand is still in the very early stages. But if there isn't a deep paradigm change, things will go seriously downhill within the next decade, especially if the older rural population is wiped out by the bioweapon shot.

I guess I will have to move to Russia by 2030. Ideological emigration.

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May 8, 2023Liked by Nicholas Creed

It's all one big club .......... and yes, Thailand's puppets are part of the show .

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Glad you're on this. I'm thinking maybe that people just aren't going to fall for it anymore.

But it's a matter of figuring out how to stop the powers that shouldn't be, in their doomsday tracks.

Which you full know, but that's the damn problem.

By the way, where are things at with Thailand's lawsuit against Big Pharma because of the Princess and has she regained consciousness? Like all big stories, they make a spark and then disappear...

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May 9, 2023·edited May 9, 2023Author

The story of the Princess' health has disappeared from the mainstream media. There is a lot of speculation. The last reports from MSM here reported on candle lit vigils held to wish her well.

Thais are afraid to discuss it, due to harsh Lèse-majesté laws which make criticism of the monarchy a crime, with people regularly thrown in jail for 10 years +. It is a hot topic, as many grassroots political parties appealing to university students are pushing for the 'section 112' law (Lèse-majesté law) to be scrapped after the upcoming national general elections (may 14th).

Sadly, it seems that all the Government advisors with a direct line to the Royal family, could have been feigning outrage, when they promised legal action against Pfizer to make the genetic injections null and void. The last time this was addressed by the media here was in February - when an anonymous source from the National Vaccine Institute made a statement that the lawsuit against Pfizer was 'fake news'. I covered it here, with links to that article, as well as my previous articles covering the 'progress':


"An official from the National Vaccine Institute, who preferred to remain anonymous, stated that the Covid vaccine is still safe and recommended for the general public. Thailand continues to use the Pfizer vaccine and is currently evaluating its bivalent vaccine booster, but there are no plans to stop ordering the current vaccine.

Pfizer, in a statement, noted that the Thai disease control agency continues to recommend its vaccine “for all authorized ages and indications.”

The Thai royal family has not made a statement on the condition of the 44 year old princess, who is the king’s eldest daughter and a potential heir to the throne.

In a January 7 statement, the royal palace said Princess Bajrakitiyabha remained unconscious and on life support after falling into a coma while training dogs for an army exhibition.

The statement attributed her collapse to an irregular heartbeat caused by a mycoplasma infection, a bacterial illness usually associated with pneumonia."

As far as stopping the globalist agendas in their tracks goes, awareness in Thailand is very low. The same protesters who are seeking political reform, a change from the military dictatorship, and a desire to stamp out the corruption in government, the police, and the judiciary - were also protesting *for* "better quality vaccines" in 2021 and 2022 - they thought Astrazeneca and Sinovac / Sinopharm was dangerous, and they demanded the mRNA injections from Pfizer and Moderna...

My reach with the Thai audience is low. I plan to move the Thai language section of this substack to a separate stack soon, so I can put more content out without irritating English language readers here with the inbox notifications.

I still find the most effective way to reach people is through direct outreach - speaking to people on the streets, food vendors, taxi drivers, coffee shop owners etc. I do this every week at every opportunity.

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Thanks much for filling me in. I'm sorry to hear all this... one's hopes got a boost from thinking the Princess's demise might have blown the lid open internationally. I'll now read the article you've linked.

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