A most wonderful article thanks Nicholas - right up my street. i found you via TDB on ZH this morning. I started my SS in February this year focusing on Great Britain as it descends the economic elevator. I also re-post my SS to my good friend Jim Quinn in PA - a wonderful group of Red Necks!: https://www.theburningplatform.com/author/austrian-peter/ It acts as my archive going back to 2018.

With our good Queen Bess now passed - I am being kept very busy and managed to post this yesterday just before she died, but caught it on TBP later in the day.


I will follow you - I think we are on the same page and as you are in Bangkok - my good friend Rick in Cape Town has a daughter somewhere there and is thinking about getting out of Dodge as SA goes the way of the dinosaur. I will copy your SS to him - it may help him to know how things are in Thailand.

For myself (as a yachtsman) - I am looking seriously at Belize:


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